Electronic journal of military history Catalan

Although Catalonia has been (wanted to be) considered a pacific country, little given to bellicose conflicts, wars or violence, it is certain that, like any other country ,its historical and political evolution has led it to be involved in rebellions, revolutions, military campaigns, invasions and all types of wars. This reality has been reflected in the documentation that our country has generated throughout time; documentation full of facts and news of military character apart from a very rich Historiography. You only have to see the bibliographic compilation that we offer in the magazine to realize this. We believe that the publication of an electronic magazine dealing with this aspect of our history which can be freely diffused on the cyberspace is needed.

A Carn! is a personal project, created, designed, developed, fulfilled and managed by Manel Guëll with help from his collaborators, offering a website of semi-open contents with the purpose of compiling any and all types of participation which are capable of giving information, debate, criticism, suggestions, etc., with which to amplify the knowledge of the military history of Catalonia. There exists, at any rate, a tacit compromise of rigor regarding the issue of quotations and bibliographic references; a compromise which will be required from all collaborators who want to be published. This publication is free and the cyber subscribers are such only so as to be to be included on the mailing lists. No price or retribution is charged nor is there any payment required whatsoever.