Renewables 2014 Global Status Report

REN21 - Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century

The newly released Renewables 2014 Global Status Report is now available.

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Find out what made 2013 another record year for renewables. Read about:

> expansion of supporting policies in developing economies

> additions to electricity generating capacity

> progress made in renewables heating and cooling

> shifts in investments

> leaders in renewable energy deployment

> evolution of the renewable energy field in the last decade

First released in 2005, REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) provides a comprehensive and timely overview of renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy developments worldwide. It enables policymakers, industry, investors and civil society to make informed decisions. The report covers recent developments, current status, and key trends; by design, it does not provide analysis or forecast.

The Renewables Global Status Report relies on up-to-date renewable energy data, provided by an international network of more than 500 contributors, researchers, and authors.

Don’t forget to consult REN21’s Renewables Interactive Map for country specific analysis of the various trends highlighted in the GSR.


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