What is the impact of blogs on the public sphere? How far is public opinion influenced by the comments of bloggers? When we want to get information about political and social issues, do we find somethings in blogs that newspapers do not provide?

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If you have never reflected on these issues before, the following articles can be a good starting point:

* Dahlberg, L. Computer-Mediated Communication and The Public Sphere (2001)

* Ó Baoill, A. Weblogs and the Public Sphere (2004)

* Special issue on the blogosphere in the Portuguese journal Prisma.com (2006)

* Aran, S. i J. Sort. New kid on the block (2005)

* Molist, M. La blocosfera catalana (2006)

* A blogger from the Ebro Delta area, Gustau Moreno, has written about it (2006)