Energy audits in the industry of Catalonia

In Catalonia, the industrial sector is one of the main consumers of energy, being the second consumer sector of final energy after the transport sector. If it is valued in terms of  primary energy of the entire energy sector, it is by far the main energy consumer in the country, representing 55% of the total consumption of primary energy in Catalonia. As a result, energy saving and efficiency is a priority.

For this reason, the energy advice an audits to the manufacturing companies of Catalonia is fundamental in order to improve their competitiveness by reducing the energy costs associated with their production. The reduction of these costs are achieved  by adjusting the energy consumption and applying good practices, saving measures and energy efficiency, and also by means of renewable energy facilities .

In general terms, the final energy consumption in the industry is shared between the power of the mixing  motors, compressors, pumps, transport or ventilation of the process equipment, and the thermal energy of boilers, dryers, Ovens or refrigerators, and air supply. In smaller proportion there would be lighting.

These energy efficiency , -saving and economic goals can be achieved in the  manufacturing industries through various strategies:

  • Energy saving by elimination or reduction of avoidable losses, such as the revision of insulation or the recovery of heat within the industrial process.
  • Energy saving by elimination or reduction of unnecessary and  avoidable energy usage using  good practices,  of trained  workers  within the  production chain .
  • Also with good regulation of the process equipment to adjust its energy usage only to the necessary according to what is needed , such as electronic frequency controllers so that the engines always work at the most appropriate load.

The objective of  Energy efficiency  is  to reduce energy  used  in the processing  by applying more efficient technologies and preventive maintenance from the energy point of view without affecting in any case the quality of the final products. The improvement of the energy efficiency is achieved mainly with the replacement or renovation of process equipment or acquiring the Best Available Technologies in the market.

Energy audits

Energy audits are a tool that allows organizations to know their situation regarding the use of energy and to detect quantitatively what actions can improve it.

They are  a key element in identifying opportunities for improvement, and  investments in energy saving projects and renewable energies.

Among the opportunities for improvement that are identified there are several categories:

  • Good practices or savings due to changes in the operation.
  • Acuisition of more efficient technology.
  • Optimization of energy cost and diversification of energy sources, such as for fuel renewable energy facilities.

A high  quality energy audit provides the necessary information to the industry , to establish a roadmap with a strategy of continuous improvement of its energy usage .



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