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A aquesta secció, penjem tots aquells productes digitals que ens envieu, relatius a la Història Militar de Catalunya o dels catalans.

DD.AA. La Guerra del Francès a la Conca de Barberà (1808-1814). Montblanc: Centre d’Estudis de la Conca de Barberà / Museu Arxiu de Montblanc i Comarca, 2010 (Monografies; XIV), 161 p.





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  1. ioannis diu:

    Dear sirs:
    My name is Ioannis Koutsourais and I am a member of the Prim Commission.

    María del Mar Robledo and I are contacting you from the communication cabinet of the forensic medical department included in the Prim Commission.

    This department is the one which developed the forensic medical study on the embalmed body of the general Juan Prim y Prats.

    Last 11th of February of 2013, the conclusions of this study were officially communicated.

    Due to the fact that the conclusions were already officially presented, we are contacting you to offer you the possibility of writing an article about the forensic medical study carried out on the general Juan Prim y Prats and the surprising conclusions this study concluded, along with the permission for the utilization, in the report, of some of the best pictures of this study.


    Waiting for your answer,

    I give you one mail of contact.

    Ioannis Koutsourais is:

    Forensic Anthropology Specialist

    Criminal Investigation Specialist

    Scientific Photographer

    María del Mar Robledo Acinas is:

    Forensic and Legal Medicine Doctorate

    Forensic Anthropology Specialist

    Criminal Investigation Specialist

    Expert in Criminology

    Criminalistics and Forensic Anthropology Laboratory Director of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid

    We are both specialized in the study of violent deaths.

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